Eric Miller

BAJA !!!:  Is it in Your Bucket List?
Baja, The Bucket List We have all read the stories or seen the countless photos and videos of racing in Baja and wondered… What is it really like. If you have never experienced Baja and you ride off road, this is one for the bucket list. Baja is a magical place full of adventure and no magazine article, photo spread or video can really put it into perspective. If you have done a Baja trip perhaps you can pass along some of suggestions how one would likely begin to plan a trip. Here are a few of my personal recommendations.[...]
Brake Fluid, The Forgotten Maintenance
Brake Fluid, The Forgotten Maintenance How often should or do we need to change out our brake fluid. Have you ever changed yours, and why you should? One of the often overlooked maintenance items is your brake fluid. Living in Colorado and riding high altitude single track on steep mountains provides a perfect environment for experiencing a loss of braking power. Today I spoke with a rider who told of his riding this weekend with a friend who lost his braking for the second week in a row. After losing his rear brakes the first week he replaced his pads,[...]
Tire Freak – Mitas Trials Tire
Hey I am a “TIRE FREAK” and always looking at new tires, 5 years ago I purchased my first Trials Tire. After I brought it home and wore out my knobby I installed the Trials Tire before I signed up to one of Shane Watts “Dirt Wise Riding Schools”. Well never having any experience with the Trials Tire and not wanting to look like a rookie I removed the Trials Tire and installed a new Knobby.  After wearing out this Knobby I installed my Trials Tire again. All of my preferred riding areas include mostly single track with rocks, roots,[...]
DirtRider Tested – OX-BRAKE
OX-BRAKE test by DirtRider in October 2014. DirtRider tested the OX-BRAKE and gave it a 87 point rating. Pretty good we thought. The only minus was that they didn’t like the price so much so we’ve lowered the price from $169.00 to $149.95 based on the feedback we received. Take a look at the review here.
DirtRider 2014 KTM 300 XC Long Haul Wrap-Up
In 2014 Dirt Rider magazine issue 384 featured a long haul test on the 2014 KTM 300 XC. The bike setup included the OX-BRAKE which was given favorable praise by the magazine and test riders. You can read the article at the following link Dirt Rider Long Haul Review 2014 KTM 300 XC